Just like its complement Gyrotonic®, Gyrokinesis was also created by dancer Juliu Horvath and was his initial inspiration. While Gyrotonic employs equipment, Gyrokinesis is practiced in a group class where you alternate between exercises involving sitting on a stool, standing up and floor work on a mat. Throughout class the body explores movement patterns such as arching, curling, spiraling, side bearing and a culmination of all possible directions. In the beginning stages, you start with simple breathing patterns and movements, then gradually work your way up to a more advanced rhythm that feels like a dance.

Benefits of Gyrokinesis

  • Builds stamina with low impact on the joints
  • Creates mobility and strength in the joints and spine
  • Stress reducing and meditative
  • Effective injury prevention and rehabilitation
  • Improves balance, coordination and mind-body control
  • Done in a group class, so bring your friends and enjoy!

Please see our schedule page for our Gyrokinesis Group Classes